Updated: 07/13/2016 

Special Saturday Aikido - Tai chi class


July 23, 2016

10:00 am to 11:30 am

Followed at noon with Potluck and Weding Shower for

Elizabeth Kobayashi and Eric Waschak

No early morning Zen, Qigong, and Tai Chi

Please come and participate in the combo class, bring a dish and show your love and support for Elizabeth and Eric.

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Zen Wed. July 13
4:45 - 5:00 pm

Everyone is welcome!

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This is a comfortable class for beginners and more experienced students alike. For those who can't sit on the floor, there will be a chair or bench available.

  • Ann Pepper, abbess of the Golden Wind Center, will be leading the meditation and dharma talk on Saturdays.

  • Sensei Frank McGouirk, abbot of the Dharma Kai Zen group, will be leading Wednesday's dharma talk, walking meditation, and seated meditation,
    4:45 - 5:00

FREE CLASS in "First Wednesday of the Month" program. Anyone can come for 1 free class on the first Wednesday of a month.  For qigong and tai chi, wear comfortable exercise clothes and socks. For aikido, come early and see the instructor to borrow a uniform.  

WED. August 3, 2016
4:45 p.m.:      Zen
5:30 p.m.:  Qigong
6:00 p.m.:  Tai Chi
7:00 p.m.:  Aikido




Join us for the Full-Moon

July 17

Sunday 5:00 pm

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This medical qigong is a powerful health-affirming meditation which can be done standing or seated. Once each month practitioners around the world do this qigong at the same hour. Join the Aikido Ai qigong students for this life-enhancing practice.  Free to all.  Prerequisite: Must have done the regular qigong at least once prior.  

Join us for Yoga

with Marc Gregory

certified yoga instructor

Friday 10:00 - 11 am


Kids Aikido Seminar


This is the kids' monthly opportunity to train with black belts in a seminar environment, augmenting the children's classes curriculum. Excellent training with advanced aikido instructors. 

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