Qigong Chi-Lel™

Chi-Lel™ Qigong is the natural healing method employed at  the Huaxia Zhineng Center in China for the treatment of chronic illness. Chi-Lel™ consists of visualizations combined with a series of gentle movements which can be easily learned by anyone who wants to improve and sustain their health and wellness.

In practicing Chi-Lel™ , we dissolve blockages so that chi (energy) can flow vigorously throughout our body, bringing life energy to every cell. Without blockages we become balanced, healthy, happy and full of energy and vitality.

Sensei Frank McGouirk and Nancy Parker are certified teachers who trained at the Center in China where more than 130,000 patients with 180 different diseases achieved an overall effective cure rate of 95%. This self-healing art is easy to follow and effective. It is for all age groups.


Updated: 01/31/2016

Join us for the Full-Moon Qigong Meditation
February 21, 2016
Sunday 5:00 - 6: pm


Training Schedule                 

Wednesday 5:30 - 6:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 - 9:00 am
Monthly Full Moon Qigong:
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