Tai Chi is...

Martial Art:

As a Chinese martial art, Tai Chi was used by the Taoist warriors to disarm an opponent by gently redirecting his own force against him. It was developed by a monk who observed that the soft and pliant endure, while the hard and rigid break and die. Tai Chi is an internal martial art. Each movement has a practical self-defense function.

Meditative Art:

Tai Chi is meditation in motion. It clears the mind and reduces stress. Tai Chi is practiced slowly, softly and with complete relaxation. By focusing on the present moment, the student gains increased concentration, awareness, and the ability to learn. 

Healing Art:

Tai Chi promotes the circulation of chi, or life energy, in the body, encouraging wellness and vitality. It improves immune functioning and develops strength, flexibility and balance.  It has been proven to reduce blood pressure and increase bone density. A study by the National Institute of Aging found that participants, all over age 60, who completed 15 weeks of Tai Chi, reduced their risk of falls by more than 50%.



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