Zen Meditation 

        Jagong, Sondok Popsa

         Frank McGouirk, Dharma Priest



Precept Ceremony, 1/15/1989

Co-Founder, Aikido Ai Zen Center

Zen is very simple...Who are you?

In this whole world, everyone searches for happiness outside but nobody understands their true self inside. Everybody says; "I". "I want this, I am like that..." but nobody understands this "I". 

Updated: 01/31/2016


Before you were born, where did you come from? When you die, where do you go? If you sincerely ask "What am I?" sooner or later you will run into a wall where all thinking is cut off. We call this " Don't know."

Zen is keeping this "Don't know" mind always and everywhere.

Sound interesting?

Come by the Dojo and see for yourself, and discover the mysteries about yourself and the world that you are not yet aware of.

Training Schedule


Wednesday: 4:45 - 5:30


Chanting, Seated Meditation, Walking Meditation, Dharma Talk


Zen Meditation with Ann Pepper on 2nd & 4th Saturdays 7:30 - 8:30 am


Chanting, Dharma Talk, Seated Meditation, Q&A Discussion.


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